Make Money by Using Google Trends to Understand Your Niche

make money with Google Trends

Make Money by Using Google Trends to Understand Your Niche

In order to make money online, you need to focus on the right niche – one that people are searching for online. However, in addition to finding the right niche, you also need to understand the data about when and how search volume changes within that niche. Google Trends is a great way to analyze crowd behavior and to see what people are searching for both at any particular given time as well as over an extended period of time.

Let me give you an example. Consider a search term like “X Factor”, the talent TV show. Click on “search trends”. You will see that interest starts to build as the show is trailed, and then after the winner’s announced, it drops off and is fairly flat again until the next year. Looking at the trends over time, you can see that the troughs and peaks get more pronounced, mainly because over the years, more people start to get broadband Internet access and Internet enabled cell phones, which means that they can search more often. The Google Trends Search Trends report also includes news reference volume. You can see what’s being written about the X Factor all the way along.

You can drill down by region as well. Let’s say we look at the UK, where the X Factor has been running for many years. You can see that search volume goes up fairly regularly and that news items also increase. If we switch to the United States, the search volume and the news reference is pretty flat up until around 2009, when Simon Cowell announced that he was going to be leaving American Idol to concentrate on bringing the X Factor to the US. There are other peaks, when further announcements were made.

Finding cyclical patterns in search volume data can tell you when you want to start marketing your product or service, when there’s going to be a lot of demand.

You could also use Google trends to search for more than one item at a time. Consider these five search terms: gifts, flowers, chocolate, fireworks, and costume. You’ll see that flowers peaks around Valentine’s Day, fireworks tends to peak in the middle of the summer, mainly because the 4th of July in America gets a lot of searches and lots of airplay. Costumes tends to peak around Halloween, because countries like America, Ireland, Britain, Germany, have Halloween parties and people dress up in fancy costumes and so on. You can also use this to analyze trends and show where your product or service might be better aimed at specific place, at specific times of the year.

For example, let’s have a look at these search volumes for India. We can see the pattern for flowers, goes up a bit at the beginning of every year, as do gifts, but also you notice here that fireworks tends to peak around the end of the year, when people buy fireworks for Diwali, as does chocolate – that’s the beginning of the year as well and so on. So, you can use this data to tailor product launches or to tailor campaigns aimed at specific markets at specific times of the year.  If you’re selling fireworks- or information about fireworks – you’d run campaigns to the US market in June and July, but to Indian customers in December.

Have you ever wondered how popular something is compared to something else? Well, search volume is a great indicator. If we compare Google, Yahoo and Bing for example, we can see the cultural shift over time in online searching. In fact, we can even pinpoint the month where Google overtook Yahoo in terms of search popularity. You can also see that Bing is just a small line on the graph, because it’s so new. But you can also see that it got popular when it was first launched, but it’s flat-lined ever since.

So, in short, there are many different ways that you can use Google trends to mine, search data, and to do better research.