Ways to Use Email Automation to Increase Profitability

Email automation is a brilliant tool that can be used for everything from marketing to conversion rate optimization, customer support, and more. It can save you a lot of time, and help you to present a more professional front with your customer service.

Email automation can involve anything from simply queuing up a few emails in an autoresponder, so that everyone who subscribes to your mailing list will get the same stream of emails over a period of several months, or it can be a highly involved campaign with different messages going to various segments, which are determined based on how customers respond to earlier emails.

Many people use automated emails to reduce cart abandonment. They will send emails to customers if they add something to their carts and then fail to complete the transaction. Alternatively, automated emails can go out to thank a customer for making one purchase, and suggest a related product.

The power of automated tools is something that you should not overlook. They can be ideal for bringing back lapsed customers, improving your conversion rate, building relationships with new customers, and more. They can increase your reach – if you send a mail to a current customer with special offers in it based on products that they like, they may share those offers with others, who can then subscribe to your list themselves.

The email automation improves your targeting, and lets you send messages to more people, on a more consistent basis, without wasting your time.

Take advantage of mailing lists, product notifications, and automated social media mailings. This is what sets the amateurs apart from the experts, and is what ensures that your companies will be able to market in a scalable and sustainable way. Sending out messages by hand works when you are a small enterprise, but won’t work when you have thousands of customers to deal with at any given time.

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