Make Money Fast : Easy Domain Flipping

Make money fast with aged domains

Make Money Fast with Aged Domains

I’m going to share today  a very easy, simple, straightforward method to make money fast by flipping domain names that does not require a lot of capital to get started with.  You can get started right now if you have $25-$100 available on your credit card.
SEOs use expired domains with age as one tool in their arsenal to help their websites rank well in the search engines.  With a little bit of research, you can find these, buy them, and resell them at a profit. has a section called “Closeout Domains.” These are domains that Go Daddy is listing at low buy it now prices, usually for $5-15.  Sort the list by age, as the older they are, the more desirable they will be, assuming they have good metrics.  Then scan down the column labeled “PR” – this stands for “Page Rank” – a metric that is no longer updated by Google, but used to be the gold standard people used to evaluate the power of a domain.  Since you are looking for older domains, they should all have a number in this category.  Skip any domains which don’t have a PR, or have a yellow or red bar, which indicates it is very likely that the PR listed is fake, or  the domain is spammy.  Look at the name of the domain to identify a niche that it could be used for.  In the example below, I’ve found a domain, that could be valuable to someone promoting Colorado travel or general religious issues. 



Popular niches to make money fast are finance, travel, insurance, sports, but there are people looking for all types of domains.  Look for about 5 domains that you can cluster together as a bundle.  Don’t worry about understanding what goes into a quality domain at this point, you are looking to put together bundles of aged domains for a specific niche.  These aren’t going to be great domain names, but people are going to use these for SEO purposes so as long as they are aged and have the keyword you should be able to flip them quickly.

Price the domains at 2x what you purchased them at- so a bundle of 5 $5 domains should sell for $50.  While they are hundreds of places you can sell your bundles, the fastest way is to start a sales thread on a forum like WarriorForum, BlackhatWorld, or DigitalPoint.

As you get more experience, you’ll be able to assess if a domain is really valuable, and price it accordingly, but even with no more knowledge than what’s presented here, you should be able to start making some pocket money fast.