How to Make Money as an Affiliate

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Make Money as an Affiliate with Your Blog

Blogging can be anything from a fun little hobby to a full time job. What many people may not realize that is blogging can also be a great way to put some much needed cash in your pocket. When you write something that gets noticed and gets fans, you can harness the power of your words to create affiliate marketing links. Affiliate marketing links, when done properly, can pay off handsomely and make you lots of money.

Write Good Content

The first thing you need to do is write really good content. You need to get your audience to respect and trust you. Speak to them as if they are your friends and they want to hear what you have to say. Good content will attract lots of people to your site.

Develop a Reputation as an Authority

You want to be seen as an authority figure if possible. Consider writing about something that you really know a lot about. For example, if you love the clothing the Elizabethans wore, write passionately about this topic. People may pop in your site each day just to find out what you have to say.

Sign Up With Companies as an Affiliate

Once you have a good reputation, you can sign up for affiliate links. Affiliate links are links to products and services that you have endorsed. If you love a certain book, you can promote it to your customers via an affiliate link. When they buy the book, you get a certain share of the profits. Your affiliate benefits by increased sales. You benefit with money in your pocket just for writing. You can also do this via companies such as Amazon and Google. In many cases, even if someone buys a different product, you’ll still get a share of the profits. Provide good content and value for the reader. With the judicious use of affiliate links, you can easily earn real cash every single day.

What to Write in Your Emails

what to write
Everyone’s heard the expression, “the money’s in the list”…and I can tell you that it is true.  An email list is a digital asset that you can use to create the life you’ve dreamed of.  It is a very powerful tool.  However, like most tools, it needs to be cared for, nurtured, and used.  A list is only as good as the connections it generates.  And, in order to forge those connections, you need to communicate with your list – regularly.  I had a discussion yesterday with a prospective client who proudly told me that he had an email list of 150,000 people.  While that seemed to me to be a powerful list, he then shared that he hadn’t sent out an email in TWO YEARS…because he didn’t know what to say.what to write
That’s a problem.
Many people freeze when they think of staring at a screen, unsure of what to say.  Because of this, many people stop before they’ve even gotten started – intimidated by that thought of a blank screen with no words.  According Neil Bradman, “90% of marketing doesn’t work because it doesn’t get done.”  Are you one of those in that 90% because you don’t know what to write, or how to get started?
I can help you fix that.
I’ve secured you exclusive access to a course that will teach you how to write a welcome email and how to set up an auto-responder series.  This course even includes fill in the blank templates to make it simple for you to get started.  If you’ve ever wanted to build an email list, but couldn’t get started because of the fear of not knowing what to say, this course will be the kickstart you need to get you going.

Free Course: What to Write in Your Emails

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The course consist of 7 modules, a PDF guide covering what to write, and a set of templates to make the process of getting started with email marketing effortless.
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What is a Blog|Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

Make Money Blogging

Can You Make Money Blogging?Make Money Blogging

Some people make money blogging; others write their blogs just to write. There are a lot of people who write blogs, and they all have different reasons. Some blog about their day-to-day lives, some blog about their pregnancy or weight loss journeys, and some blog about products that they may sell.

What is a Blog?

A blog is similar to an online journal or diary. However, it isn’t necessarily private. While some blogs can be made private, or set to only those you invite, most blogs are viewable by anyone on the internet. You can write a blog about anything you desire. It can be about your children’s lives, your home improvement projects, your job, your friends, your dating life, or your love of bargain shopping. If the topic appeals to other people online, when they come across your blog they’ll read your entries, and occasionally comment on them.

Can You Really Make Money Writing a Blog?

The majority of people who write blogs do not make a substantial amount of money. However, it is possible to make money blogging.  Here are a few ways to monetize your content.

1)You can sell advertising on your blog.  This can be done directly with companies who pay you, or by participating in ad networks like Google’s Ad Sense.

2) You can accept compensation to write sponsored blog posts by companies who could benefit from your readers seeing their products.

3) You can join an affiliate program and post links to products that you recommend.  One of the easiest affiliate networks to start with is Amazon’s affiliate program.

$) You can capture emails from people who visit your blog, and use this email list to market your own products, or affiliate products.

The more hits, or people who view your blog you have, the more likely it is that you will make money off of the blog. It is important to note that it takes time to build up a substantial audience and make any money, so you do have to be realistic with your expectations. However, if your topic is interesting, you are a good writer, and your blog ranks well, people will find it and come back to read more which will help you make money blogging.

Make Money by Using Google Trends to Understand Your Niche

make money with Google Trends

Make Money by Using Google Trends to Understand Your Niche

In order to make money online, you need to focus on the right niche – one that people are searching for online. However, in addition to finding the right niche, you also need to understand the data about when and how search volume changes within that niche. Google Trends is a great way to analyze crowd behavior and to see what people are searching for both at any particular given time as well as over an extended period of time.

Let me give you an example. Consider a search term like “X Factor”, the talent TV show. Click on “search trends”. You will see that interest starts to build as the show is trailed, and then after the winner’s announced, it drops off and is fairly flat again until the next year. Looking at the trends over time, you can see that the troughs and peaks get more pronounced, mainly because over the years, more people start to get broadband Internet access and Internet enabled cell phones, which means that they can search more often. The Google Trends Search Trends report also includes news reference volume. You can see what’s being written about the X Factor all the way along.

You can drill down by region as well. Let’s say we look at the UK, where the X Factor has been running for many years. You can see that search volume goes up fairly regularly and that news items also increase. If we switch to the United States, the search volume and the news reference is pretty flat up until around 2009, when Simon Cowell announced that he was going to be leaving American Idol to concentrate on bringing the X Factor to the US. There are other peaks, when further announcements were made.

Finding cyclical patterns in search volume data can tell you when you want to start marketing your product or service, when there’s going to be a lot of demand.

You could also use Google trends to search for more than one item at a time. Consider these five search terms: gifts, flowers, chocolate, fireworks, and costume. You’ll see that flowers peaks around Valentine’s Day, fireworks tends to peak in the middle of the summer, mainly because the 4th of July in America gets a lot of searches and lots of airplay. Costumes tends to peak around Halloween, because countries like America, Ireland, Britain, Germany, have Halloween parties and people dress up in fancy costumes and so on. You can also use this to analyze trends and show where your product or service might be better aimed at specific place, at specific times of the year.

For example, let’s have a look at these search volumes for India. We can see the pattern for flowers, goes up a bit at the beginning of every year, as do gifts, but also you notice here that fireworks tends to peak around the end of the year, when people buy fireworks for Diwali, as does chocolate – that’s the beginning of the year as well and so on. So, you can use this data to tailor product launches or to tailor campaigns aimed at specific markets at specific times of the year.  If you’re selling fireworks- or information about fireworks – you’d run campaigns to the US market in June and July, but to Indian customers in December.

Have you ever wondered how popular something is compared to something else? Well, search volume is a great indicator. If we compare Google, Yahoo and Bing for example, we can see the cultural shift over time in online searching. In fact, we can even pinpoint the month where Google overtook Yahoo in terms of search popularity. You can also see that Bing is just a small line on the graph, because it’s so new. But you can also see that it got popular when it was first launched, but it’s flat-lined ever since.

So, in short, there are many different ways that you can use Google trends to mine, search data, and to do better research.

Make Money Fast : Easy Domain Flipping

Make money fast with aged domains

Make Money Fast with Aged Domains

I’m going to share today  a very easy, simple, straightforward method to make money fast by flipping domain names that does not require a lot of capital to get started with.  You can get started right now if you have $25-$100 available on your credit card.
SEOs use expired domains with age as one tool in their arsenal to help their websites rank well in the search engines.  With a little bit of research, you can find these, buy them, and resell them at a profit. has a section called “Closeout Domains.” These are domains that Go Daddy is listing at low buy it now prices, usually for $5-15.  Sort the list by age, as the older they are, the more desirable they will be, assuming they have good metrics.  Then scan down the column labeled “PR” – this stands for “Page Rank” – a metric that is no longer updated by Google, but used to be the gold standard people used to evaluate the power of a domain.  Since you are looking for older domains, they should all have a number in this category.  Skip any domains which don’t have a PR, or have a yellow or red bar, which indicates it is very likely that the PR listed is fake, or  the domain is spammy.  Look at the name of the domain to identify a niche that it could be used for.  In the example below, I’ve found a domain, that could be valuable to someone promoting Colorado travel or general religious issues. 



Popular niches to make money fast are finance, travel, insurance, sports, but there are people looking for all types of domains.  Look for about 5 domains that you can cluster together as a bundle.  Don’t worry about understanding what goes into a quality domain at this point, you are looking to put together bundles of aged domains for a specific niche.  These aren’t going to be great domain names, but people are going to use these for SEO purposes so as long as they are aged and have the keyword you should be able to flip them quickly.

Price the domains at 2x what you purchased them at- so a bundle of 5 $5 domains should sell for $50.  While they are hundreds of places you can sell your bundles, the fastest way is to start a sales thread on a forum like WarriorForum, BlackhatWorld, or DigitalPoint.

As you get more experience, you’ll be able to assess if a domain is really valuable, and price it accordingly, but even with no more knowledge than what’s presented here, you should be able to start making some pocket money fast.