Make More Money Online by Using Your Words

make more money online

Make more money online by using your words?

Think about this – how many of us tell our small children “remember to use your words”  to help them defuse a situation or express their intense feelings?

Words have power. They impact others, of course, but they can also have an impact on us. Words not only reflect our attitudes and beliefs they can actually create them.

I have to> I get to

Michael Hyatt tells a story:

“I was once headed out of town for a speaking engagement. A friend called and asked me where I was going. I said, “Oh, I’m headed to San Jose. I have to speak at a convention.” I said it with a little resignation in my voice.

The moment I hung up, it hit me. I don’t have to speak. I get to speak. That instantly changed my attitude.”

This shift in words brings an attitude of gratitude to everything you do – and once you appreciate what you have, you’ll attract more of it.  Instead of minimizing your opportunities by saying “I have to…finish this blog post, set up these ads, write to my list, find more products”, say “I get to publish my thoughts online, communicate my opinions to people who are interested in what I have to say, run my own business.”

When you focus on the positive you’ll be more productive, have better relationships, and…ultimately make more money online.

I can’t > I can

Words can be self-fulfilling prophecies. When faced with a new task, many of us immediately react by saying “I can’t do this.” This sets us up for failure, as our brain expects us to fail. If you tell yourself that you can’t do something, can’t.

When we shift the statement to “I can do this” we are programming our neural pathways for success.  You’re aligning your thoughts and your actions, and engaging all your faculties in your efforts to success.

I am not > I am

“I am” strong, confident, healthy, competent,…these are power phrases that will change the way we look at ourselves as well as the way others look at us.  When we shift our words from “I am so unlucky” to “I am so fortunate” we change our perspective.  We also change the view other people have of us.  When we no longer view ourselves as a victim of circumstances, we begin to become the master of our own lives and will be best equipped to succeed in all areas of our life, including our efforts to make more money online..


Listen to what Joel Osteen has to say about the power of “I am”


Make Money Online with Facebook and Shopify

Make money online with Shopify

You can make money online with Facebook and Shopify.  While we use Shopify because it’s simple, the same method can be used with other e-commerce platforms.

What you Need to Make Money Online with Facebook and Shopify

So, the first thing you need to do is get an account at This will be your hub for all your products. Now, once you’ve done that, you should get a Shopify account. It’s free for 14 days, so you can try this out. And then you’re also going to need a Facebook advertising account.

Find a Niche and Pick a Product

So, the first thing to do is to go to AliExpress and find a niche to target. Popular niches right now are hobbies, pets, and pet supplies, pet toys, and travel; my girlfriend’s currently doing this on travel. So, we’re actually doing this as well, and she’s getting some good results, about 50 bucks a day.  You need to find something that’s cheap – target under four dollars,.

Once you’ve found a niche, you need to find a product obviously and stick to that under four dollars. Then we’re gonna be advertising this on Facebook to potential customers, targeted audience. They then will go to the shop, buy the product, and you simply just transfer the details to AliExpress and they send it out.

Set Up Your Shopify Store

So, once you’ve got your product sorted, you should go to your Shopify store and  make a basic shop;  nothing too crazy; because if it doesn’t work for you, then you don’t want to waste all that time making a nice shop, and just have it all go to waste. So, what we did when we tested this, we’ve tested this method, we did three products into the shop and then we advertised those three products. So, just put like, maybe one or two products in and that’s it. Because if people are going  straight to the products page; they’re probably not gonna be messing around the website too much just yet. Just select any name, it doesn’t really matter, you can change it later.

Set Up Facebook Advertising

Now, once you’ve done this, you need go to your Facebook advertising section and set up a conversion pixel.  Put the conversion pixel into your thank-you page or your checkout page on Shopify.
Once you’ve got the conversion pixel up, you want to start setting up your Facebook advertisements. This is very important, so listen to this step very carefully.

Allocate about 100 bucks for this little project. You should have five advertisements to start with, set at $10 per day each. The first one should be  a broad audience,  just your specific country, and then your niche, so that you are targeting about 300,000 people.That’s probably a good point to start with.  Then you wanna take that ad,  replicate it, and  do a more targeted audience, also at 10 dollars a day. Then the third one you want to do even more targeted, and then the 4th even more targeted, and the 5th even narrower.  This way you can test to see which audience works best.

Once you’ve got your ads set up, it’s very basic. You don’t need to go crazy with the headlines and that. There’s an example up in the video here, but you just need to kind of be like, “We’ve overstocked on 100 cat collars, today only five cents. We need to get rid of them. Claim yours now.” Once your customer clicks through to your product, they’ll see it, and buy it for the 5 cents, plus shipping.
Let your advertisements run for about two days. At the end of the two days, pick your best converting ads . You should have at least one doing well. If you don’t have one after two days, scratch it, start a new niche or find a new product. It’s basically that simple; don’t waste money on anymore ads. If you have one or two or even three, three’s really, really good; you want to scale them just a little bit, in little increments every single day. And you’ll  have one or two that die off. You’ll probably end up with one really good ad that you can really scale – that’s where you’ll make most of your money. So, it’s about testing for two days, and then finding the winners, deleting the losers, and then scaling the winners, just until basically you stop making money from that product and then starting again. That’s how you do it. Don’t just make an advertisement and pray that you’re going to make money, because it won’t work.

One note about the Facebook conversion pixel. A lot of people have probably no idea what this is. This is a little code that goes on your website, and then when someone checks out, you only get paid, you only have to pay for the Facebook advertising when they check out. So, if the person goes to your website and leaves, you don’t get charged for that. And if your conversions go over three dollars, just kill the ad because it’s way too much.

How Do You Make Money?

Say you have a product that costs you $3, and you set your shipping to $9.95. (You wanna set your shipping to between 9.95 and 14.95- that seems to be the sweet spot right now.) I’ve seen the proof in people and they’ve shown me that that’s roughly the sweet spot, okay. So, let’s say we find a product for $3 and we’ve set our shipping at $9.95, and then we sell it for 5 cents,  and the cost per conversion on Facebook is $2. So, out of your $10, you spend $5, leaving $5 profit.